Web Apps

Mix Music from Web Content
like if you had a high-end hardware controler.

Real waveform, Auto Sync & Tempo Detection

Smooth playback rate variation, finger-push & pull on a track, loops & more..

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Livestreams as a playlist

Scheduled Monitoring of up to 6 streams (6 origins) at a glance.

Automatic schedule-list update : the app will initialize a player in real time for the next schedules to come.

You can then monitor the currently "On Air" shows, and on the same page, keep an eye on the schedules for the next 3 days.

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Iconoclast Web Experience
revealing the work of a shining painter

Produced from mixes of fluorescent painting, the canvas only reveal their expressivity when lit with black light.

A work that already called for a webApp in the 80's...

Slideshow with Rich Graphs

Professional presentation tool,

with dynamic assets loading,

backoffice and on the fly

assisted text and graphs composition.

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