Web Apps

Livestreams as a playlist

Scheduled Monitoring of up to 6 streams (6 origins) at a glance.

Just give the app an URL where the JSON schedule list can be retreived, and for each stream, the app will initialize a player for the next schedules to come.

You can then monitor the quality of the current show, and on the same page, keep en eye on the automatically updated schedules for the next 3 days.

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File hosting
& Audiofile content report

Privileged user accounts: Users only see what they're allowed to.

Javascript Upload Manager: Simply drag a file, it will be automatically uploaded to the right destination.

Audio File Content Vizualisation, Header parsing and Reporting, allowing to proof a file against it's effective PCM content.

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Alternative Livestreams Monitoring

VLC based. Up to 6 simultaneous streams, each one visible in up to 3 simultaneous encodings.

Alternative to a Flash/Html5 player, it allows you to troubleshoot your streams without influence of the packet-reassembling technology.

Friendly UX, initalize with audio muted, gives you the ability to restrict the display to the currently active streams, etc.

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